Benji Baret – Ne Obliviscaris / Vipassi

Hailing from the south west of France, Benjamin is the lead guitarist of the Australian band Ne Obliviscaris (prog metal) since 2008 and occupies the same position in Vipassi (extreme instrumental prog metal). Ne Obliviscaris have released 4 albums, played on every continent and … » more

Ol Drake – Evile

OL Drake is the vocalist and lead guitarist of the metal band, Evile. Co-founding the band in 2002 with his brother and vocalist Matt, and band mates Ben Carter (Drums) and Mike Alexander (Bass), they would go on to sign to Earache Records in … » more

Ian Jekelis – Aborted

Ian Jekelis is an American guitarist from Los Angeles, California. He began playing guitar at the young age of 12, starting off learning classic rock and metal songs from his favorite artists at the time, Van Halen, Scorpions, Black Sabbath/Ozzy and Iron … » more

Jason Melidonie – Cytotoxin

Jason Melidonie is a guitarist from Dresden, Germany.He first started learning the piano as a young child and switched to electric guitar in his early teens.During this time, Jason was mainly influenced by John Petrucci, Frank Zappa, Jeff Loomis, Steven Wilson, and Michael … » more

Toby Koelman – Virvum

Toby Koelman is a Dutch-Swiss guitarist, born in 1993. He started playing guitar when he was 16 and is self-taught. Toby plays in the bands VIRVUM (Technical/Prog-Death Metal) and GROFBÓL (Modern Death Metal/Deathcore). Since Virvum’s debut album “Illuminance”, and their subsequent signing to Season … » more

Martino Garattoni – Ne Obliviscaris / Ancient Bards

Born and raised on the north-eastern Italian coast, Martino Garattoni has been in the metal bass scene for more than a decade now.Martino is co-founder of the Epic Power Metal band, Ancient Bards, who have released manyrecords in the last 12 years. He has … » more

Greg Burgess – ALLEGAEON

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Charlie Griffiths – HARBINGER

Charlie Griffiths is a guitarist/guitar instructor based in Surrey (UK). He is best known for his technical riffing in UK metal band ‘Harbinger’. Charlie has a vast knowledge of musical styles and tons of live performance experience. Fusing his love for melody, competent technique … » more

Dan Thornton – NOVENA

Dan Thornton is a guitarist based in the South of England, most notable from his work as an original member of No Sin Evades His Gaze, lead guitarist in prog heavyweights Novena, and previously of The HAARP Machine. He also is a freelance guitar … » more

Alessandro Venturella – Slipknot

I am HONOURED to finally be able to reveal that Alessandro ‘Vman’ Venturella from the unstoppable force that is Slipknot has now joined the Carillion Artist Family! Alex and I have been working on this one under the radar for a while now and … » more