Terms Of Sale

Placing an order

Once you have submitted an order form and we have discussed and finalized all the instrument details, you should have received a final quote from me. Assuming you have accepted my quote the next step is to pay your 20% (non refundable) deposit. This will then secure you a build slot which is scheduled in to one of the next batches of guitars I will be making. I will give you full details of this once your build is booked in to the schedule.


All instruments built by Carillion guitars are covered by a 12 month craftsmanship guarantee (as of day of collection/delivery).
This means that should your instrument become faulty in any way during that period, simply bring it back to me and I will remedy any issue free of charge.
This guarantee does NOT cover accidental/malicious damage caused by the owner/other parties. Nor does it cover theft, loss or general ‘wear and tear’ caused by use/excessive use/gigging or touring etc.


  • Complete guitars collected in person are not eligible for return unless there is a warranty issue.
  • Complete guitars purchased online (without playing them first) are eligible for return and refund, minus the cost of shipping plus 5% of sale price.
  • Custom builds are not eligible for refund. In the unlikely event that a customer is unhappy with their guitar we will do our best to work with them to resolve the issue.
  • Returns will be refused if the instrument is damaged/tampered with/modified in any way.


Why is my initial deposit non refundable?
Your initial 20% deposit is non refundable because once paid, it is used to source hard-to-get/back order/long wait items of hardware etc. This ensures that there are no delays to your project once the build commences. In some cases (wherever possible) I will also source the timber for, and laminate your neck block together as well, so it has the maximum settling time possible before the build is started. For these reasons, it is non refundable.

Once I’ve paid my deposit how long do I have to wait until you start building?
Determining lead times for my builds is an imprecise art and quite hard to do. Currently I am working on a 12 month wait before new commissions are started, so if you were to put a deposit down tomorrow, it would likely be started in 12 months, and with an approximate build time of 4 months from starting, that would mean that you could own one of my instruments in 16-18 months.

How long will my guitar take once you start?
Assuming all goes well, your guitar will take approximately 4 months from commencement of the build until it is completed and ready for collection/shipping.

How does payment work?
Assuming you have accepted my quote for your build you will then need to put down your 20% deposit, which becomes non refundable once paid. This will secure you a build slot in my schedule.
When your build slot is approaching and I am about to start your project you will need to pay a further 30% to get the build started. This secondary payment is used to source all of the remaining hardware and timber etc. needed to create your instrument.
My build time (from commencement until completion of your project) is approximately 4 months, so during this period I will send you regular updates of build progress and ask for any decisions to be made that hadn’t yet been made during the quoting process.
Your final payment of the remaining 50% balance is due upon completion of your instrument and it will not be released to you until final payment has been made. There are no exceptions here so please do not ask.

How are guitars shipped?
All guitars are shipped trackable and insured. This service is paid for by the customer and will not be included in your instrument quote. It is an additional charge that you will need to be aware of before accepting my quote for your project. I will endeavor to give you a shipping quote that is as reasonable as possible, while offering the best service possible for the timely arrival and safety of your instrument during transit.

Payment / International payments
The only method of payment I currently accept is bank transfer. I do not like Paypal, so all monies must be transferred directly into my account via transfer.

All international payments must also be made via bank transfer. They will need to be made in British Pound Sterling and any fees levied by your bank on the transfer are to be covered by the customer. I do not cover transfer fees, exchange rate fees or any other kind of charge that may be placed on the transaction. I will not release instruments until full, cleared payment has been made, so please be sure you know what your bank charges are, and have enough to cover them when it comes to payment.

Can I queue jump if my wallet is big enough?
Put simply, no. I build on a first come, first served basis. I am not driven by money, so offering me over the odds for your instrument will not change my policy. Your instrument will be started when your build slot comes up.

Do you offer artist endorsements?
Yes, sometimes I do. There are certain criteria you will need to meet in order to qualify for a potential endorsement, and assuming you meet these criteria I will look at your situation and assess each candidate on a case-by-case basis. Every artist is different, and every musicians career is in a different place. As such, I will assess what we can potentially do for each other (if anything) and possibly make you an offer. It is important to state that an endorsement from me isn’t simply ‘getting shit for free’ as that is not how things work. It is a mutually beneficial, contractually obligated agreement that should serve us both.