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Welcome to the official Carillion guitars website. Carillion guitars is the dedicated work of luthier, Chris Delia.

Welcome to my website. Here is where you will find galleries of my work, information on me and how I do things, and also how to place an order. I specialize in electric guitars for metal players, and acoustic guitars for percussive fingerstyle players. That is where my musical tastes lay so that is where my luthiery has naturally taken me.

With the addition of a little router use here and there, all of my instruments are made by hand. The decision to approach my builds this way was taken because I enjoy what I do so much. I would rather produce smaller numbers of instruments per year using hand tools, than mechanize the process and up my production rate. As such, I have limited the number of instruments I produce to (up to, but no more than) 24 per year. If you are interested in commissioning an instrument from me please navigate to the order page and submit an order form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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