Ol Drake – Evile

OL Drake is the vocalist and lead guitarist of the metal band, Evile. Co-founding the band in 2002 with his brother and vocalist Matt, and band mates Ben Carter (Drums) and Mike Alexander (Bass), they would go on to sign to Earache Records in 2006. In 2013 OL stepped away from the band with no intentions of staying in music, though released an instrumental guitar album entitled “Old Rake” in 2015. Rejoining the band in 2018, and due to line up changes, OL took the helm as frontman and vocalist as the band, releasing “Hell Unleashed” in 2021 on Napalm Records; their first album since their 2013 “Skull” release. 
With the recording of Hell Unleashed came the collaboration between OL and Carillion Guitars.
“A friend of mine (Ian from Aborted) posted a picture of a guitar that looked amazing on IG. I messaged him to ask what it was and he told me about Carillion. I got talking to Chris Delia about trying one out. I absolutely loved the guitars and agreed to become an endorsee. The King Slayer V is the best guitar I’ve played to date; everything is so easy on it, and the tone is great. Thank you, Chris!”
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