Jason Melidonie – Cytotoxin

Jason Melidonie is a guitarist from Dresden, Germany.
He first started learning the piano as a young child and switched to electric guitar in his early teens.
During this time, Jason was mainly influenced by John Petrucci, Frank Zappa, Jeff Loomis, Steven Wilson, and Michael Romeo.
In 2014, he joined the death metal band Cytotoxin, who blend technical music with slam riffs and furious solos.
Cytotoxin use the Chernobyl nuclear power plant catastrophe as the visual theme for their performances and are well known for performing stunning and radioactive live shows.
Jason’s love for progressive music as well as a mix of melodic and technical playing is reflected in Cytotoxin’s records, Gammageddon, and Nuklearth, which were released via Unique Leader Records.
Jason has been playing the Carillion Plagueis model since 2018, and was one of the first artists to receive a headless Carillion guitar.

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Let your brain meltdown as Jason radiates skill with this explosive playthrough below that will shake you to the core. And if that’s not enough wordplay for you, you need help.