Acoustic Guitars


The Carillion OM2 is my mid-sized offering in my acoustic range. It is a full depth (124mm) body in the lower bout, meaning it has fantastic projection and sustain when driven, while still being tonally delicate enough for fingerstyle. The tone is well balanced, while … » more


The Carillion OCD is the smallest model i offer and is akin to a parlour guitar. It is small and delicate, so best suited to jazzy fingerstyle playing, though would happily spend its life being strummed. I brace these very delicately … » more


The 000DB is my full-sized offering and has become the flagship acoustic of my range. It feels like somewhat of a behemoth when you first pick it up but you soon get used to it and get to know it as … » more


This page serves to show the basic shapes of the headstocks i currently offer. Please be aware that while all of the head veneers i tend to use are all individual to each guitar i make, these pictures are purely for HEADSTOCK SHAPE reference only.

… » more